Now play Free Fire Battleground on PC

Free Fire Battleground fans are in for a treat. For, now on, you can play Free Fire Battleground on your PC. So, you needn’t worry about your mobile phone’s battery drying up as now Free Fire Battleground will be on your PC and you can play the game at your hearts content. With the Free Fire Battlegrounds hack, the game gets more interesting. For those of you who are looking for a brand new actionpacked adventure game, we have the best opportunity for you. Read ahead and you will know what this game is all about.

The gameplay of Free Fire Battleground:

The game begins with a bunch of players from across the globe jumping off a plane with a parachute tied to them. They are hardened survivors, trained soldiers and normal people who battle it out. The game is very simple by the rules, you will have to live till the end to win the game. There is fifty players in each round of the game who drop down with their parachutes to an unknown, abandoned place in nowhere. Once the players reach the ground, they will have to survive by either killing or hiding with the collective weapons at their avail, until the last one survives to win the game. Live by the rule of survival and spare no one, there you have your winning game.

Now, let’s get to the point where instead of playing the game on your phone, you can play it on your PC or Mac. In order to play the Free Fire Battleground on your PC, you will need to play acquire it via BlueStacks. It is an American technology company that produces the BlueStacks App Player, via which you can avail of many online and offline games of various sorts.

How to get Free Fire Battleground on PC via BlueStacks?

The steps are as easy as pie.

The first step is to download and install BlueStacks from the web to your PC

The second step is to go to Google Play Store on your web browser and search for the Free Fire Battleground game

The third step is to ‘Download’ and ‘Install’ the game

When the game is ready for you to rock and roll, ‘Open’ it

Fourth, go to the ‘Settings’ of your game setup and ‘Customize’ your controls to your keyboard and enable the powerups.

Lastly, absolutely nothing. You are ready, brush up your confidence and become invincible for combat

Get going and kill to survive, for survival is for the best and the best will always win the game of Battle Royale, Free Fire Battleground.

Also, what is the fun if you cannot show your success to anybody? Well, now you can stream everything from the every, every moment of the Free Fire Battleground to some of the largest networks on the web with the BlueStacks 3 App for PC and Mac. You can now broadcast your game Live on Twitter, Twitch and Facebook Live. This way the world will know about your excellence in the game, know your skills and hype you for sure. For, when you stream all over the web, you make your presence felt throughout.