Smart tips – Hay Day Game

With the invention of Smartphone, everything has changed and mobile games are also included in this. Gone are the days when traditional games were preferred to play on heavy gaming devices. Mobile games like hay day game are now can be played on mobiles easily. In addition, there is nothing which you will be paying in order to download and play them. At least on some initial stages, everything is free in almost every type of game. There are some additional and advanced features which are kept reserved exclusively for the paid players.

There is no need to get disappointed by this above-given fact there are lots of tips and tricks you can also enjoy just like paid player without spending even a single penny from your pocket. The only thing is known about the loop and holes of the gaming world. As far as hay day game is concerned you can also get the benefits of some smart and helpful tricks. Achieving the advanced level will be much easier for you with the help of these tips.

Tips for advanced players

–    After completing the initial stages and task you will be aware that for every level up there will be one or two diamonds for you.

–    If you have coins in bulk you can also buy diamonds through it. So you should always try to find out the way like searching for the profitable deals in the newspaper, from you can earn good amount of coins.

–    Search for the mystery box around the farm, most probable you will find diamonds in it.

–    You must also give enough time to Hay Day in order to reach the desired level. There are some players which are not paying attention and here you can be advance by investing more time in it.

–    In case you have already searched the newspaper but did not find any suitable deal in it. Don’t get disappointed by it and keep on searching the new one. After some time you will see some new deals are there. Try your luck in the new deals which are appealing to you.

–    Corps is just like babies and they need to maintain properly. In the case of negligence, you farm will be ruined. On the other hand, if you are able to do the harvesting properly there is huge profit waiting for you. However, don’t sell out the seeds also because they will be needed for the next production. You must remember the fact that if you sell all the seeds as well than in the next session you will be paying a higher amount to another farmer in order to get seeds.

–    In order to establish the big building don’t be extravagant and save your diamonds as much as you can.

–    Livestock is also very important you must keep adding good livestock to your farm because, in the long run, you will be able to make money through it.

–    You should also try to sell out the farming products to local businesses in order to obtain good profit.

Analysis about the crops

In order to gain excellent income, you must clearly understand the types of crops. There are some crops which will be quick in the results and start popping up at a rapid rate. You can take the example of wheat, corn and carrots etc these crops are best to grow up in your farm because they take very less time in the process of ripening up.

You should also try to use less other types of crops which take more time than usual like pumpkins and indigo. It is better to use these crops when you are going away for a while on a break. The next day when you will come back these crops will be ready for you. You can sell them quickly in order to have quick profits.

Unlimited coins diamonds

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The last words

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